Best Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Covers

Finding accessories for your vehicle can be difficult, and finding accessories for your pickup truck, in particular, is no exception. Not only are countless models offered on the market, but you also need to watch out for many factors–size, colour, style, amount of weight it will add to your vehicle once in place. And that’s not even counting the fact that not all accessories will necessarily be compatible with your truck specifically. Indeed, all of this can be said for the roll-up truck bed tonneau cover, which is easy to find but comes in varying levels of quality.

Reviews of the Best Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Covers

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Top 10 Best Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Covers Reviews


Tyger Auto TG-BC1F9029 TOPRO Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover


Best Rated Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Covers - Top 10 Reviews 1


  • Increased fuel economy
  • Vinyl is coated on both sides
  • Heavy-duty, commercial-grade construction
  • Hides the cargo of your truck bed

Durable and solid

The design of this truck bed cover is durable, strong and resistant. Not only is it easy to install–no drilling is required, and you will get everything you need to install it, instructions included–but it’s also 50% thicker than tonneau covers made by other brands. It’s made out of commercial-grade fabric, which features a vinyl coating on both sides, so as to protect it from all kinds of weather environments, including rain, hail and snow. At the same time, it will protect your items, providing them that a solid cover no one can see through unless it’s opened. It also features the Clean-Seal closure system, which protects your cargo and the inside of your truck bed from the buildup of moisture and dampness.

Improved fuel economy

Like other tonneau covers, the fact that your truck bed now is closed–and not open–will improve the fuel economy of your pickup. Also helping to improve the fuel economy is its efficient, stylish design, which reduces the amount of aerodynamic drag. Its smooth design will even help give your truck a lovely aerodynamic design.

Excellent warranty

This truck bed cover has an excellent warranty: the frame has a lifetime warranty–so, if it breaks at any point in time whatsoever, you can deal with that problem–and the cover itself has a 3-year warranty.



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Tonno Pro LR-1050 Lo-Roll Black Roll-Up Truck Tonneau Cover


Best Rated Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Covers - Top 10 Reviews 2


  • Access all of your truck bed at once
  • Easy, fast, no-drill installation
  • Ideal for very short truck beds
  • Low-profile design

An Ideal Design

This Tonno Pro cover has a convenient, user-friendly, stylized design. For one thing, it has been designed to fit very short beds (those of 5.8 feet, without a utility track), which ensures that it’s a great choice for smaller trucks. Moreover, it’s been designed in such a way that installation is quick and easy, requiring no drills; you only need a socket and ratchet and can get the task done in less than half an hour. But more importantly, the aesthetics are discreet and low-profile, with the result that you can access your stake pockets easily. The cover easily mounts between the truck bed rails, and you can easily mount accessories like ladder racks, bike racks, and so on.

Solid, Strong and Durable

This tonneau cover is durable and sturdy. It has been made out of tear-resistant vinyl, which is double-sided, and its lightweight frame has been powder-coated with 6063 aluminium. The front flap, which has a unique, patented design, has Weather Tite seals, which–along with the special stitching–will keep moisture and wetness outside of your truck.

Includes Everything You Need

Four free gifts are included with this tonneau cover, for a value that would normally by 69$. More specifically, there is a seal for the tailgate,  a detachable LED light for the truck bed, vinyl cleaner, and work gloves.



Lund 96893 Genesis Elite Roll-Up Tonneau Cover


Best Rated Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Covers - Top 10 Reviews 3


  • Resistant to water, mould, UV rays
  • Reduces drag; improved fuel economy
  • Doesn’t trap dirt
  • Rinse with water for cleaning

Protect your Cargo and Truck Bed

This heavy-duty truck bed cover will easily protect your stuff, with no problem at all. When you’d like to clean the cover, you simply rinse it; you don’t need chemical cleaners or even soap. The corners are tapered and finished as well. The material is a twill weave, of premium quality, which is resistant not only to water, mould and mildew, but also dirt and UV rays. Indeed, the fabric’s unique texture has been designed so that it won’t capture dirt, making the inside of the cover dirty. Also protecting against dust and moisture are rubber seals, which are located at the front and rear rails.

Improved Fuel Economy

This cover has been designed so that it reduces tailgate drag, with the result that it will improve the fuel economy of your truck. The design is also low-profile, and this will help keep your stuff hidden in addition to not causing unneeded strain on your engine.  You can quickly roll the cover forward and back when it’s time to put stuff away or take stuff out.

A user-friendly Choice

It’s also easy to install on your truck; it has been pre-assembled, and no drilling or special hardware is necessary. There is also a limited lifetime warranty.



TruXedo 246901 TruXport Soft Roll-Up Dual Latch 6Ft 4” Tonneau Cover


Best Rated Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Covers - Top 10 Reviews 4


  • Roll up quickly with the dual-latch system
  • Aerodynamic style
  • Clamp onto the rails of your truck bed; no drilling necessary
  • Fuel economy advantages: MPG increased by up to 10%

Use the Cover Safely when you’re alone

You can still use this tonneau cover when you’re out on your lonesome: simply use the dual-latch system, located at the tailgate, so that you can quickly open and close the cover in safety and security. This is beneficial because its high speed ensures that your stuff won’t be exposed for a long time before you close the cover back up again.

Sleek, Aerodynamic Appearance

This cover looks good aesthetically and thus will look fantastic once it’s placed on your truck specifically. It will add some aerodynamic contours, making the edges look smooth and flowing rather than blocky and clunky. In addition, this cover will improve the fuel economy of your truck; you can improve your MPG (miles per gallon) by up to 10% when you’re using it.

Simple Installation

When you need to place it in your truck, you simply use the clamping rails and the headers. You don’t need to drill or cut anything when you’re installing your truck. You can even install it in as little as twenty minutes.  Industrial-strength Velcro is also included; it’s used to attach the cover to the rails so that the fit is nice and tight–with the added bonus of reducing wear and tear.



Gator Roll Up Tonneau Cover 53109


Best Rated Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Covers - Top 10 Reviews 5


  • Easy access to the cover
  • One-handed trigger latch
  • Easy installation; clamps included
  • 5-year warranty

Access your stuff safely and securely

This cover ensures that you can have easy access to it. This is due to the fact that the tension control is located at the back end of the truck, which makes it easy to adjust the tonneau cover. Also, if you need to operate the cover with one hand, it’s definitely within your power to do so: you simply use the trigger latch, which is located on the driver’s side of the tonneau cover.

Quality aesthetics

This tonneau cover looks good once placed inside your truck. Gator uses high-quality materials and modern techniques, so you know that–if you get a cover with them–you’re guaranteed a durable, premium cover, which will last for years and years.  The cover is made out of vinyl, which gives it a heavy-duty appearance as well.  Also note that the cover is meant for beds of 5.8 inches, and thus is ideal for Chevy Silverado s and GMC SIerras 2014-2017.

Quick and easy installation

Installing this tonneau cover is simple and fast. Clamps are included to do so; you don’t need drills to use them. Instead, you simply clamp the cover into place. Also, note that this cover is quite affordable,  you will get a lot of bang for your buck if you purchase it.



North Mountain Soft Vinyl Roll-up Tonneau Cover


Best Rated Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Covers - Top 10 Reviews 6


  • Soft lock
  • The installation features side rails, clamps, hex keys
  • Discreet cross-bar design
  • Durable vinyl construction

Solid Resistant make and construction

This tonneau cover features a solid design that’s resistant to being torn. It’s made out of double-sided, 24-ounce vinyl, and the frame and rails are made out of sturdy aluminium. The cross-bar design is discreet and low-profile; the cross-bars are connected to the tarp and roll up at the same time as the cover. As a result, you’ll instantly get complete access to your cover and whatever you’ve placed inside your truck bed. It’s also aerodynamic, and as a result, will improve the MPG of your truck by up to 10%.

Easy installation

To install the cover, you clamp it into your truck. It features a top-mounted design, with the result that the cover lies on top of the rails of your truck bed, which in turn ensures that water runoff is kept to a minimum. Intrusions into the bed space are also kept to a minimum, guaranteeing that you have more room.  You won’t need to use a drill or other hardware to get it installed in your truck bed.

Excellent Warranty

In the event that there are defects in either the materials or the way the tonneau cover has been designed, the warranty lasts three years, so you can call the company up and benefit from your warranty.



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HS Power Roll-Up Soft Tonneau Cover


Best Rated Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Covers - Top 10 Reviews 7


  • Heavy-duty vinyl tarp
  • Black in colour
  • Compatible with short-bed models
  • Install via clamps

Securely protect your cargo

This tonneau cover will provide you with a convenient way of protecting your cargo. It features a vinyl tarp, which is heavy-duty. it’s got good aesthetics; it’s black in colour and features a soft roll-up style complete with a lock. The security is improved because of its clamp-on design, which will help protect your items when you have the cover open. It’s used for short-bed models; however, please note that you can’t use it with stepside models. It also employs a lock and roll-up soft style, with the result that you can protect your stuff more easily and with more convenience.

Improve your fuel economy

This tonneau cover will help you improve your fuel economy when you’re riding in your pickup truck, in addition to protecting your cargo. This is because, when the truck bed is left open, your MPG rate will go down; conversely, if you have a truck bed cover–such as this model, manufactured by HS–you can improve the amount of mileage you get for the same amount of gas.

Three-year warranty

The warranty of this truck bed will last a full three years, so you have all that time to call the company up and benefit from this policy, in the event that problems should arise during this time.



Lock and Roll Up Soft Tonneau Cover


Best Rated Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Covers - Top 10 Reviews 8


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Decreased drag for better gas mileage
  • Convenient installation
  • Compatible with classic body models

Aerodynamic design for better fuel economy

This tonneau cover will help you improve your fuel economy, on account of the fact that it reduces aerodynamic drag. Because there will be less resistance for your truck, you’ll be able to go farther with the same amount of gas than you would if you didn’t have a tonneau cover. Moreover, it has been designed in such a way that it will easily protect your truck bed and cargo, with safety and security. It is even made of heavy-duty commercial grade fabric, which is also weather-proofed, thanks to the fact that it’s coated with vinyl on both sides. Thus, it will protect your cargo from the weather–whether mild and harsh, whether rain or snow–as well as moisture, mould, and mud.

Affordable price

The low cost of this tonneau cover ensures that it won’t be out of your budget range. Indeed, you can get everything about the truck–more protection for your bed, an improved appearance, better fuel savings–for an excellent price.

Installation is easy and convenient

You install this cover simply by clamping it onto your truck. Therefore, you won’t need to use drills or other tools. This will save you time as well as headaches, and you can get tonneau cover up and running in less than half an hour.



ACCESS 31319 Lite Rider Roll-Up Tonneau Cover



  • Full manufacturer’s warranty
  • Black in colour
  • Compatible with several models of pickups

Protect  your cargo

This tonneau cover provides you with a safe, secure way of protecting your cargo. It will conceal it from view, meaning that your stuff won’t be exposed to the elements–rain, wind, snow, hail, frost, harsh sunlight–and prevent potential thieves from stealing it as well. The cover also provides your pickup with some protection against moisture, dampness, and mildew; you won’t need to worry about your stuff getting wet and damaged while you’re riding in your pickup. Moreover, a cover like this is beneficial because it helps improve fuel efficiency and economy, with the result that you’ll save money on gas because you can travel more miles on the same amount of gas.

Compatible with several models of pickups

This tonneau cover can be used with many different models of trucks. For example, it’s compatible with Ford F-250s and 350s from the 1990s until today. For more specific info about the tonneau cover, contact the seller, so that you can get info about fitment compatibility and your particular model of truck.

A full warranty

When you purchase this tonneau cover, it’s sold with a full manufacturer warranty, so that–in the event that something happens to your tonneau cover–you can benefit from its excellent protection.



10  Angry Elephant Premium Roll-Up Tonneau Truck Bed Cover


Best Rated Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Covers - Top 10 Reviews 9


  • Durable construction featuring double-coated vinyl
  • Improve savings on gas mileage by 10 to 13%
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Compatible with Sierras and Silverados

Construction is durable and robust

One great thing about this tonneau cover is that it’s made in a durable, sustainable fashion. Its robust design ensures that your items–as well as the safety and security of your items–will be well-protected when you’re out on the road. In particular, it features a double-coated vinyl tarp of 24 ounces. The vinyl is marine-grade to boot. As well, the aluminium frame is powder-coated. This construction ensures that the tonneau cover is a good fit for a great many vehicles, including Chevy Silverados and GMC Sierras.

Improve your environmental footprint

One great thing about this tonneau cover is that you can improve and reduce your environmental footprint. By simply using it, you can improve your rate of miles per gallon by 10 to 13%, which is quite a considerable amount–certainly more than many other models, which peak at 10%. Thus, if you’d rather put a lot of focus on environmental considerations in your quest for the perfect tonneau cover,  then you should consider going with this model.

Package includes everything you’ll need

With this model of the tonneau cover, you won’t need to worry about buying additional accessories. Instead,e everything you’ll need to get it installed in your truck is included in the package: a tailgate seal, an LED light, and all the mounting hardware that’s required.



The Ultimate Buying Guide – Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover


How Do Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover work?

Roll-up truck bed tonneau covers are used to protect the items inside your truck bed, as well as your truck bed itself. They improve the fuel economy of your truck so that you’ll get more mileage from the same amount of fuel. They look good as well, adding a stylish touch to your favourite truck, and are available in various materials– aluminium is a popular choice–and various colours. Although truck bed covers can be opened via different methods–some are folded up, for example, while others are rigid–we’re going to discuss roll-up tonneau covers in this article. As you might guess from the name, these models “roll up” when not in use–you simply roll them back, revealing whatever items you’ve placed inside.  In general, they have a lightweight design and can be opened partially or all the way–your choice. Some also have hinges.


Things To Consider When Buying Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

If you’re looking for a truck bed cover, there are several things to keep in mind. After all, you want to find a model that’s not only compatible with your pickup, but also with your own individual tastes, needs and desires. For instance, some factors you’ll need to take into account are the size, effect on emissions, aesthetic style, and how far back you can open it. While we’re going to discuss these factors very shortly, please know that there are other things to keep in mind as well. If you neglect factors like this, you might, unfortunately, end up buying a tonneau cover that’s not quite to your taste–and thus make a bad choice.

Effect on Emissions

Tonneau covers are often a preferable choice in terms of the environment since they can and often do improve fuel emissions, with the result that you’ll get more mileage out of the same amount of gas. However, some tonneau covers will improve your ecological footprint more than others. For advice, consult the box of the tonneau cover and look up reviews online, particularly those written by organizations concerned with protecting the environment. They will point you in the right direction.

How big is the tonneau cover?

The tonneau cover you end up choosing will naturally depend on the size of your truck. However, you won’t just want to look at compatibility (and fuel emissions, since the size will naturally have an effect in terms of the environment). You’ll also want to look at the style; how does the size affect the aesthetic impact? Is the cover large and chunky, breaking out over the top of the truck bed, or is it small and cosy? Remember, if it’s too big, you might have trouble closing and opening it. A larger cover might also make potential thieves curious about your truck; in such cases, a discreet cover might be a wiser choice.

Aesthetic Style

Various factors will affect the aesthetic style of a given model of the tonneau cover. For example, the material it’s made out of will have an impact. For example, some models, made out of higher-quality plastic, look more elegant than those made out of cheap, inexpensive plastic. Equally elegant–or potentially more elegant–are those made out of metal, such as aluminium. Another factor that affects the style of tonneau covers is the design. Some are blocky and bulky; some have more rounded edges; and others still are small and discreet, hard to spot unless you’re specifically looking for them.

How far back can you open the cover?

Depending on the model, some roll-on covers can be opened up all the way. If this is indeed the case with the cover you choose,  make sure that you can see every part your truck bed when the cover ’s open; you don’t want your items to fall to the ground when they’re out of your sight. Some models, however, don’t open up all the way, which will have an effect on the organization of your things inside the tonneau cover. Therefore, if you choose such a cover, you’ll have to reorganize your stuff in such a way that you can pull it out of your truck bed without difficulty.


Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a new truck bed tonneau cover, then there are several aspects you’ll need to take into account, such as size, design, eco-friendliness, and how much it closes and opens when being used. Thus, you should carefully look into these factors before you make your decision. If, however, you’re having trouble deciding which cover to get, then you should consider the models we’ve discussed in this article. They’re made of premium materials and feature superior construction–and, not to mention, they’re made by companies who have decades of experience in making high-quality tonneau covers. We wish you the best of luck in your search!

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