Best Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Covers

Have you been looking for a new truck bed cover? If so, then you already know that there are countless options to go with, not only in terms of make and model but also in terms of styles. Some tonneau covers roll up when not in use; others are painted on, and still, others are folded up. That being said, if you’ve been considering such options, then you’ll want to consider retractable tonneau covers as well. These covers pull back and forth with ease and provide you with a secure means of protecting all your cargo, whether your truck is on the road or stationary.

Reviews of the Best Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Covers

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Top 5 Best Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Covers Reviews


1.   BAK Industries R15309 RollBak G2 Aluminum Hard Retractable Tonneau Bed Cover

Best Rated Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Covers - Top 5 Reviews 1


  • Autonomic locking system; locking at every 12 inches
  • Doesn’t interfere with tailgate
  • Aluminum is powder-coated
  • Water-resistant

Powerful, Durable Construction

Several features of this tonneau cover ensure that it will last not only through the years but also in tough weather conditions. For example, the aluminium is 100% powder-coated, for a stronger finish. But more than that, the cover requires almost no maintenance at all. It is even assembled as soon as you purchase it, so you won’t need to set aside any precious time putting it together.

Efficient Design

The design of this tonneau cover is efficient and user-friendly. In particular, it’s secure; the intermittent locking system, which is autonomic, will lock itself up securely at every 12-inch interval in the truck bed. Furthermore, the cover won’t interfere with your tailgate, and its sleek design—which has been constructed so that it’s smooth and aerodynamic—will help you save up to 11% of the gas mileage. The cover has also been designed in such a way that it won’t interfere with the pockets of your stake holes, with the result being that you won’t need to remove the tube-shaped bed rails in your truck when you want to install the cover. As with other roll-back models, you open it by sliding the cover back; note that, in this case, the sliding is easy and creates a “gliding” motion.



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2.   Retrax 60373 RetraxONE MX Tonneau Cover

Best Rated Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Covers - Top 5 Reviews 2


  • Compatible with F-150 Super Crew & Super Cab 5.5′ Bed
  • Made in the US
  • Company has an excellent reputation
  • Easy to install

Low-profile design

This design will help you save both your money and your gas since its sleek, aerodynamic design ensures that not such as much wind resistance or drag will be created. As a result, in turn, the cover won’t add too much weight to your truck, and you can be a little more eco-friendly by reducing your carbon footprint. The design also features locking system that will lock independently from the tailgate, ensuring that the entire locking experience is safer and more secure on your end. This also makes ensures that you can lock the cover anywhere along the side. It is matte-black in colour, and weighs about 6 kilograms. This cover was developed by Retrax, a company with a high-flying reputation, and was made in the USA.

Installation is quick and easy

One great thing about this tonneau bed cover is that it’s easy to install. You can do without any problems, and can have it set up in less than an hour, even if you’re one person working alone. All in all, its easy assembly is convenient, because it means that you won’t have to spend a lot of precious (and unfortunately limited) time getting the cover set up after you first purchase it.



3.   Roll-N-Lock LG221M M-Series Tonneau Cover

Best Rated Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Covers - Top 5 Reviews 3


  • Slides open by turning the lock-lever
  • Clamp-on track design makes installation easy
  • Housing lid is aerodynamic and low-profile
  • Creates more room for storage

Increase the Amount of Available Space

The cover can be fully retracted if you so desire, thereby making sure that you’ll have a lot of space in which to place your cargo. However, quite aside from this is the fact that, once it’s fully retracted, the handle mechanism will roll back, allowing for more unobstructed space that you can use to store your items. When doing so, the mechanism will be flush with the face of this tonneau cover’s compact housing.

Quality Design Choices

The patented clamp-on track design of this tonneau cover makes installation easy; for most trucks, you won’t even need to drill holes in your truck to make it fit.Moreover, you can slide it open easily, simply by turning the lock-lever. When you pull the cover back—this is accomplished via the pull strap, which is built-in—the ratchet-style locking mechanism latches into place. It does so with four positions: one-quarter, one-half, three-quarters, or 100% closed.

Moreover, the tonneau cover has a sleek, aerodynamic design, with the result that you’ll get a lower carbon footprint by driving with the tonneau cover in your pickup. This will allow you to save money on gas mileage, and you’ll be able to cover more miles with the same amount of gallons.



4.  Pace Edwards SWFA05A28 Tonneau Cover

Best Rated Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Covers - Top 5 Reviews 4


  • Retract simply by turning a knob
  • Close via pull strap
  • Locking positions every 12 inches
  • Accessible clamp design

Accessible, easy-to-use design

Several features of this hard Pace Edwards cover ensure that it’s accessible, so that you can have access to your stuff without damaging your cargo and or exposing it to potential thieves. For one thing, retraction is easy; you can retract the cover simply by turning a knob, and this process is autonomic. When it’s time to close the cover, you can do so easily with a pull strap. The clamp-in design of the tonneau cover also grants you easy accessibility, and the fact that the handle and the lock are mounted on the driver’s side makes it even easier to use. It’s easy to slide this cover onto the rails, making it easy to install as well.

Safe and secure

Aside from all of this, opening and closing the cover is simple: you can do both without a key. Locking positions are located at every 12 inches—this further serves to make sure that your stuff is safe and well-protected—and the low-profile design ensures that you won’t draw any undue attention to yourself. This low-profile design is also aerodynamic, so you can reduce your environmental footprint simply by using this tonneau cover. The tonneau cover itself is completely flush-mounted, and the top cover and the finished rails are textured.



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5.  GatorTrax Tonneau Truck Bed Cover G10841 with Deck Rail System

Best Rated Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Covers - Top 5 Reviews 5


  • Works smoothly and efficiently
  • Can lock at any position on the rails
  • No need for maintenance
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Increased safety me security

This GatorTrax bed cover is safe and secure, and for a number of reasons. For one thing, you can lock it at any point along the rails, with the result that the chance of your cargo falling out onto the road—or, worse yet, getting stolen out from right underneath your nose—is significantly reduced.

Resistant and robust

It is also quite durable—thus vastly reducing the chance that it will become broken or damaged—and lightweight enough, which helps it be more fuel-efficient than it would be otherwise. It will protect your cargo from all manner of potential hazards, including moisture, UV rays, and intense temperatures from as little as -50℉t to 200 ℉. In particular, it protects itself against moisture via its top, which is constructed from one piece. This ensures that there are fewer cracks and openings through which water or moisture can seep through.

Smooth, efficient operation

This tonneau cover operates in such a way that no maintenance is required. Indeed, using it is smooth and efficient; you won’t need to worry about it becoming loosened as you drive onwards. Instead, it will remain nice and secure, no matter where you’re travelling or how long your journey will be. It’s also an ideal choice if you have to use fifth-wheel towing on some occasions.



The Ultimate Buying Guide – Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover 


How Do Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover work?

Retractable tonneau covers are those truck bed covers that feature a lid which affects its hardness depending on which position in its in. Thus, for example, if the lid is open, it will be flexible, so that you can easily open it and manoeuvre it. However, when the lid is closed—”rolled back,” as in the name it will be rigid, and thus will not open accidentally, such as in the event of adverse weather or harsh climate conditions. This rigidity also ensures that the tonneau will benefit from protection against additional security threats, such as the potential for your stuff being stolen. After all, when the cover is securely in place, your cargo can’t be seen from outside. Retractable tonneau covers can be made of many materials, including padded polymer vinyl and aluminium.


Things To Consider When Buying Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

As with any vehicle accessory, you’ll need to put some serious thought into buying retractable tonneau cover before making a purchase. In particular, there are several factors you’ll need to keep in mind. Thus, for example, you need to consider the size of the cover—and, on that note, to make sure that it’s compatible with your particular model of a pickup truck. You’ll also want to consider how much it weighs, what material it’s made out of, and how durable it will be in the long run. As you might imagine, of course, these aren’t the only factors to take into consideration—there are actually a great many—but they’re some of the most important ones. It’s also important to note that the what you intend to do with your truck—if, for example, you like to go- on off-road adventures with it—will affect which factors you should search for specifically.

Size of the cover

It stands to reason that different tonneau covers come in different sizes—and, as a consequence, those different models of tonneau covers are compatible with different models of trucks. Thus, one thing you’ll want to do before you buy makes sure that the cover you’re interested in is compatible with your particular model of truck. But more than that, you’ll also have to keep an eye out for the size of the cover. Is it too large, too clunky? Alternately, what if it’s too small—not that it doesn’t fit, but that just simply doesn’t look good on your truck? Naturally, such things can be hard to gauge if you’re looking at the back of a box (or worse, an Internet description), so take into careful account the measurements of the tonneau cover when you’re examining or reading about it.

Material that the cover is made out of

As we said already, tonneau covers can be made out of any variety of materials, including aluminium, padded polymer vinyl, fibreglass, and plastic. In the case of the last category, one popular type is ABS plastic. Each of these materials has their benefits and disadvantages; aluminium, for example, is an excellent choice, as is fibreglass, because they’re weather-resistant and durable. However, note that fibreglass tonneau covers tend to be more expensive, as well as less lightweight than their aluminium counterparts. While vinyl covers, on the other hand, are a definite possibility for retractable tonneau covers, such covers will tend to be lightweight, and thus maybe not as durable as those made from other materials.

Durability in the long run

Ideally, you’ll want your tonneau cover to last a good long time, so that you can use it for many years to come. However, not every tonneau cover out there on the market will necessarily last you a long enough amount of time. Several factors contribute to this. The material is a factor, of course; but you can’t neglect the importance of construction. How a tonneau cover is constructed will affect how long it lasts, in particular with regard to its solidity or suppleness. If a cover is too rigid, it will break become damaged too easily; but if it’s too flexible, it will also get damaged too easily. Other factors to consider are how easy it is to damage the cover by mistake—if, for instance, you accidentally pull it too hard when you’re using it—and how the cover will stand up to harsh weather conditions such as sleet and heavy rain.

How much it weighs

How much a given cover weighs will not only affect the amount of drag and resistance created, but it will also have an effect on your carbon footprint. This is because heavier covers will use up more gas to get the same amount of usage as will a lighter cover. That being said, truck bed covers, in general, are a good choice for eco-friendliness; but you should definitely choose a cover that’s on a suitable weight so as not to create too much drag on your pickup truck. For help, you can consult online reviews, as well as the packaging of the tonneau cover; it will tell you how many miles per gallon of gas you can save.


Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a retractable tonneau cover—whether it’s your first or your twentieth—you’ll want to give some consideration to the models and companies we’ve mentioned in this article. The companies have long since established themselves by making high-quality tonneau covers, retractable or otherwise—as well as a variety of other truck accessories—and the specific models have proven their worth via the hundreds of users who have purchased and enjoyed them. However, if you choose to go ahead with another brand of tonneau cover, don’t forget to look into those factors we mentioned earlier, such as ease of use and accessibility. You won’t be sorry if (when) you look for a tonneau cover that fits in with all your needs and desires. Best of luck in your search!

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