Lund 96893 Genesis Elite Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

The Lund 96893 Genesis Elite Roll-Up Tonneau Cover is a sturdy and reliable truck bed cover that will not only protect your cargo but also add beauty to your truck. It has a low-profile design and is designed to enhance the appearance of the truck. The cover comes pre-assembled so that installation can be an easy process. Its attractive design can change the look of a truck and make it look more luxurious and well-maintained.

This cover has a roll-up design which provides complete access to the truck bed. The cover rolls forward and backward smoothly and quickly, so it is very easy to load and unload cargo from the bed. The manufacturer has also provided a limited lifetime warranty, so you can benefit from it if there are any manufacturing or workmanship defects.

Lund 96893 Genesis Elite Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for 2007-2018 Silverado & Sierra 1500, 2500 HD, 3500 HD | Fits 6.5' Bed


Whom Is This Product Designed For?

The Lund 96893 is designed for truck owners who want to keep their trucks well-maintained, clean, stylish, and easy to operate. If you transport goods often in your truck bed, you must have this tonneau truck bed cover installed so that your valuables can be protected. The Lund 96893 truck bed cover will also keep your truck bed safe and clean and protect the items inside the bed from the harsh weather. Rain, wind, snow, and other environmental factors can damage goods as well as the truck bed, but this cover will make sure that never happens. It is also easy to install and hardly takes half an hour.

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Key Features

This Lund tonneau cover is designed to make it easier for truck owners to access their truck bed. Following are the main features of this truck bed cover:

Durable and Stylish

The truck bed cover is made up of durable and premium quality materials, which give the truck a stylish and trendy look. The twill fabric is made up of tear-resistant materials that protect the truck from impacts and blows. When the cover is rolled, the bars and rows are also rolled and remain at the front of the truck bed. When the cover is rolled back, it is secured with nylon straps and virtually disappears.

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Protection from Weather

This cover protects the truck bed and the goods in it from the harsh weather. It is a low-profile cover with a luxurious finish that is very durable and protects the truck from the changing weathers.

It also keeps the truck bed from being dirty and damaged. Over time, dirt can get accumulated on the truck bed if there is no cover, but the presence of this cover prevents it. There is also a multi-finned rubber seal on the front and rear rails so that the truck bed is protected from dirt and moisture.

Pre-Assembled for Smooth Setup

The Lund Genesis tonneau cover comes pre-assembled so that it can be easy to install it. There is no drilling required and because of its pre-assembled feature, it can be installed in only half an hour. The no-drill design conforms to the truck bed and attaches to it with automatic tension controls and gauges. However, you have to make sure that your truck bed measures 6.5 ft so that the cover fits accurately. The good thing is that there is no particular hardware required for the installation either.

Sleek and Stylish Design

It comes with a sleek and stylish design and because of its low profile, it improves the gas mileage as well. It reduces the tailgate drag and, thus, allows gas savings. The luxurious look also improves the overall appearance of the truck and makes it look more stylish and well designed. It is a heavy-duty and attractive truck cover designed for the convenience of the truck owner.

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Pros and Cons


  • It has a sleek and stylish design.
  • It protects the truck bed from dust and moisture.
  • It offers easy installation.
  • It is very durable and attractive.
  • It has a low-profile design.
  • It requires low maintenance.


  • The rear latching bar is too long.
  • The locking clips are not sturdy.


Lund 96893 Genesis Elite Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for 2007-2018 Silverado & Sierra 1500, 2500 HD, 3500 HD | Fits 6.5' Bed


Lund International is a well-known brand and manufactures high-quality, durable automotive accessories. It offers various products which fall into different categories, one of which is tonneau truck bed covers. The Lund 96893 Genesis Elite Roll-Up Tonneau Cover is a stylish product designed for truck beds and provides trucks with a unique style while protecting the cargo. It is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, so you can contact the customer service agents if there is any manufacturing fault or issue with the workmanship. This tonneau bed cover also comes pre-assembled and there are heavy-duty adjustable clamps for making the installation process easier.

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