Pace Edwards SWFA05A28 Tonneau Cover

Pace Edwards is a well-known brand when it comes to retracting tonneau covers. The truck bed covers manufactured by this company are used by many truck owners to transport their luggage safely. These tonneaus are easy to install and use and they offer perfect weather sealing too. The Pace Edwards SWFA05A28 Tonneau cover is a classic switch blade truck bed cover with great looks and finish. It is easy to install and is equipped with lots of features to make it easier for the truck drivers. The tonneau is made up of good quality materials and is a reliable one for keeping the cargo safe.

Pace Edwards SWFA05A28 Tonneau Cover


Whom the product is designed for?

The Pace Edwards SWFA05A28 Tonneau cover is designed for safe and secure transport of goods in a truck bed. It will protect the luggage from being affected by the harsh weather and also from being stolen. The cover has a low profile design and can be opened and closed in a matter of minutes. It is a compact one and is very necessary for transporting the goods safely from one place to another. Not only this, the tonneau cover will also improves the gas mileage and helps you save a lot of money that would be spent on the bills. The tonneau cover is designed especially to protect the stuff during extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, and storm and also keeps the truck bed clean from dirt and debris.

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The Pace Edwards Switch Blade tonneau cover has many features to assist the truck drivers. Following are the main features of the truck bed cover:

Weather resistant

The Pace Edwards tonneau cover is made to resist all types of weathers, no matter how harsh they are. The truck bed cover is equipped with built-in channels so that the rain water is funneled down out of the truck bed through the drain tubes. This feature is really a unique and appreciable one as it keeps the truck bed try and safe even when it is a rainy weather or storm. All the water is transferred along the mounting rails and then passed out using the drain tubes.

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Easy installation

The tonneau cover is designed for easy and quick installation and removal. It can be easily installed if you’re a pro and have done things yourself in the past. You’ll just need a screw driver and a wrench of 7/6 inches to install it on your truck bed. There is no need of drilling or hammering anything and the truck bed cover will be installed with just a screw driver, screws, and a wrench. Not only this, the truck bed cover will securely locked on the truck bed and won’t come out until you want to.

Compact canister

The tonneau truck bed cover is equipped with a compact and rigid canister that doesn’t take up much space in the truck bed. This canister will allow you to keep your luggage organized in a compact way, so that maximum goods can be transported in one go. The canister will keep the goods safe and they won’t be damaged because they’ll be compactly arranged. This compact canister can also be removed whenever you want to, using a screw driver only.

Easy retractable design

The Pace Edwards Switch blade has a retractable design which makes it easier for the truck driver to open and close it. Only minimum effort is required and a pull strap can also be used to pull the cover and slide it back to its place. There is no need to climb or get over the truck bed cover to close it.

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Pros and Cons


  • It is very easy to install.
  • Minimum effort is needed to open and close it.
  • It has a smooth and easy retractable design.
  • It is extremely weather resistant.
  • There are built-in channels to let the water flow out of the truck bed.
  • There is a compact canister for storing things properly.
  • It is very sturdy and durable.
  • It is made of ArmorTek overlay and aluminum slats which make it sturdy.


  • There is minor leakage at the rear.



Pace Edwards SWFA05A28 Tonneau Cover

The Pace Edwards SWFA05A28 Tonneau cover is an easy to install and durable truck bed cover that is designed especially for harsh weathers. If you own a truck and need to transport goods in your truck bed in a rainy or snowy environment, you must consider buying this sturdy truck bed cover. It is made up of Aluminum slats and ArmorTek which adds to its durability and protect the goods from being damaged. It is very easy to use and you just need to pull the strap to close it. It is very smooth and the retractable design makes it ideal for daily transportation of goods.


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