Roll-N-Lock LG221M M-Series Tonneau Cover

Are you worried about the safety of the luggage in your truck bed? Do you want to buy a good quality truck bed cover to protect your valuables? Roll-N-Lock LG221M M-Series Tonneau bed truck cover is a secure and retractable truck bed cover which is perfect for keeping your stuff secure in the truck bed. Taking care of the cargo is the utmost concern of all the truck drivers and therefore they opt for premium-quality truck bed covers. The truck bed cover is very easy to use and is used by many truck owners to keep their essentials safe and secure in the truck bed.

Roll-N-Lock LG221M Locking Retractable M-Series Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for 2014-2018 Silverado & Sierra 1500 | Fits 6.6' Bed



Whom is the product designed for?

The Roll-N-Lock truck bed cover is designed particularly for the truck drivers so that they could carry their cargo safely to their desired destinations. The truck bed cover is a hybrid one and is loaded with features to assist the truck drivers for an easy and safe experience. The Roll N Lock truck bed cover, as the name suggests, is designed with a rolling method of opening and closing. It also locks up tightly and securely to keep the cargo safe. Truck owners must use a truck bed cover to keep their goods protected and also the truck from being damaged. Without a truck bed cover, the luggage on a truck may fly away, or gets stolen before it reaches the destination.

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Smooth slide system

This truck bed cover is equipped with a smooth and reliable sliding system which allows the user to open and close the cover easily. You just have to turn the lock-lever and the cover will slide open. When you want to slide the cover back to close it, you can use built-in pull strap with latches. This offers a convenient method to close the cover back. The latches are closely positioned and use a patented ratchet-style locking mechanism.

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Sturdy design

The Roll-N-Lock truck bed cover is made up of a compact and durable aluminium housing along with a cargo shield. This makes the truck bed cover very durable and long-lasting as the quality doesn’t get affected by harsh weathers. The truck bed cover is also made up of marine grade vinyl over aluminium slat which gives it a tough and stylish look. It also consists of a heavy-duty torsion spring drive system that allows the user to carry goods without being worried about safety and security.

Easy to install

The Roll-N-Lock truck bed cover consists of a low-profile aerodynamic housing lid which makes it easier to install. It easily clamps on installation and doesn’t require any hard work to set it on the truck bed. It is very versatile and can be installed in any position easily on the truck bed. There are no snaps, no rolls, no crossbars, or no hinges and knobs to deal with during the installation process. If you are a pro, you can install it yourself with the help of some tools and a helper.

Integrated auto-locking

The truck bed cover is equipped with an integrated auto-lock technology that keeps the cargo locked in a secure position while travelling. There are multiple latching positions that and the cover automatically locks the tailgate. This keeps the luggage secure and keeps the owner in a peace of mind as there is no worry of the goods being stolen or falling off the truck due to the bumpy ride.

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Pros and Cons


  • It is made up of premium quality materials.
  • It is very durable and sturdy.
  • It has a minimalistic design.
  • It is easy to install.
  • The flush handle with finger insulator grip makes it easy to use.
  • It opens and closes smoothly.
  • It has a secure locking system.
  • The heavy-duty torsion spring drive system makes it long lasting.


  • Customer service is not good.
  • The luggage doesn’t fall but can get damaged due to the bumpy ride.



The Rock-N-Roll LG221M M-Series Tonneau cover is a long-lasting and durable one as it is made up of premium-quality sturdy materials. It uses a secure locking system which can keep your goods safe and sound till you reach the destination. The truck bed cover is perfect for harsh weathers as it is made up of a compact and rigid aluminium housing with a good quality cargo shield.

This truck bed is bought by many people and they are quite satisfied with their purchase. There are many positive reviews on Amazon and people have admired its features a lot. The truck bed cover is easy to open and close because of the sliding system. You just have to pull the strap to close the cover back into the place. The intermittent auto-lock system is also a very handy feature as it makes the bed cover more reliable for transporting goods.


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